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29 Oct 2018, by yowza

Here’s how you can get going on your Social Media Strategy for your employer brand to create an ideal experience for your present and prospective employees.


Evaluate and monitor the digital touchpoints across the candidate’s journey.


Digital media consumption habits of Indians are exploding. With over 462 million users in India and overall penetration rate of 34% (urban penetration 64%), digital today is the channel of reach and influence. This has a direct impact on the employer-employee relationship as well.


A prospective candidate today checks out the employer’s reputation on LinkedIn, Glass Door and his or her personal network, before considering a company. What earlier was within the four walls of the company is now democratized public information. Companies and HR departments have to be totally cued in to manage their digital assets.


Social Media Branding is amongst the most important channels for recruitment, and needs to be addressed strategically. It’s not limited to just activating a company page on Linkedin or posting some fun at work images, it needs to be aligned to bring across your employee brand. And this begins with your commitment towards a rewarding candidature experience.


Communicate your employer brand.


Your employer brand has values. It has a promise and a personality. By personality, we mean a tone and voice unique to you. Your employer brand is true to your company, and it comes alive with your EVP (Employee Value Proposition). Your employee value proposition is supported by pillars of values that you offer to your employees. These ideally come alive by the existent policies, processes & practices. Packaged in an engaging and creative manner, this becomes a compelling proposition to your candidates.


Respond to what your employees are saying.


A disgruntled employee will turn to social media platforms like Linkedin and Glassdoor to vent out their side of the story. As a responsible employer, one should acknowledge and empathize with the bad experience and also take the opportunity to share their side of the story. And when it comes to a great review, acknowledge it and share it with internal teams to congratulate on living up to being a great place to work. Today we have access to real-time reputation management tools, that allow you to be agile and responsive, invest in them.


Employer advocacy.


Your biggest evangelist are your employees. When they vouch for the company and bring alive their experiences, it speaks volumes about the culture. In today’s day and age, while some companies have guardrails on what their employees can say on social channels, many great places to work actually have an open approach to employee advocacy. They draw up a framework to leverage this and enjoy the reputation they build for employees as an employer brand.


Leverage your social channels and get started today.


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