Win the talent War

Talent now evaluates employers like brands. What is your EVP?

Increasingly employees have begun to look at employers as a brand they buy into. This is an opportunity to build a connect using tools of marketing and communication. The result is a measurable business advantage.

  • Better product
  • Better Service
  • Better place to work?

Talent now evaluates employers like brands. What is your EVP?

The goals of business strategy are being redefined. In addition to great products and services it’s imperative to be seen as a great place to work. Talent today is the key differentiator amongst good and great companies.

Your reputation isn't yours now.
It belongs to everyone

Before anyone works for you, they have already interviewed your reputation.

Like everything else, the Digital age has changed forever the relationship between employee and the workplace. It’s a fluid space where both good and bad news spreads like ripples. To manage this new reality not one kind of expertise but many are needed to be leveraged together.

Employer Brand development does'nt need a skill. It needs a set of skills

Convergence of Marketing, Digital, Creative and HR expertise for Integrated Employer Branding Solutions. Discover Yowza!

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Building consistent employee experiences has become a key focus area for CHROs today. Just as Marketing optimises brand experiences for consumers, HR today is expected to create consumer like experiences for employees at the workplace. This brings the organisational culture alive and presents the company as a great place to work. Employer Branding plays a crucial role here.

We at Yowza! help you bring your Employer Brand alive and drive engagement with your employees, both present and prospective. We do this by integrating HR, Marketing, Digital and Creative domain expertise to deliver holistic Employer Branding Solutions across the entire employee lifecycle.


Our Offerings

At Yowza! we take a strategic and holistic approach to Employer Branding. We focus on the relationship between the corporate and employer brand to develop and communicate winning EVPs (Employer Value Proposition) across the employee life cycle. This, we believe, helps our clients improve their competitiveness in attracting, recruiting and retaining top talent.

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