EVP Development

Developing an EVP is much more than creating a smart tag line. An EVP describes what an organisation stands for and offers as an employer. A strong EVP motivates and engages employees, besides attracting and retaining good talent. Our Y-Plan is a strategic tool that we use to develop a strong, relevant and differentiated EVP for our clients.

  • Research/Audit
  • Employer Brand Identity
  • Employer Brand Identity

Employer Branding Strategy and Activation

Talent today is crucial for an organisation’s success. Our strategic approach to employer branding begins with identifying objectives and understanding our audiences. We then develop relevant and engaging content to reach our audience across internal and external touchpoints. This helps our clients gain a competitive advantage.

Campus Recruitment

Aspirations of millennials and Gen Z today have evolved at a phenomenal pace. Companies now need to move beyond AVs (Audio-Visuals) and find innovative strategies to attract talent. We help our clients with talent insights, communication and use of appropriate channels, across touchpoints to reach and attract the best talent.

Internal Values: Strategic and Creative Solutions

The core values of an organisation are also becoming primary tools for recruitment and retention. Supporting the vision and shaping the culture, they truly reflect what the organisation stands for. However, in the clutter of communication, it’s a challenge to connect with employees, add value to their roles and keep them engaged. We deliver effective internal communication and engagement programs using channels within the organisation to strengthen the culture.

Digital/Social Media Strategy and Creative Solutions

Digital and social are channels where prospective talent is discovering more about you. These are also mediums where employees connect and endorse the organisation as a brand. Thus they’re important mediums to find, hire, engage talent and manage your Employer Brand. We at Yowza! take a strategic, long term view on digital/social media, integrating your objectives and EVP across channels.

Content Strategy and Management

Creating the right content requires a planned approach to achieve expected results. Relevant and engaging content gets higher responsiveness. It becomes a live stream keeping our audiences hooked on to the narrative. We help you create a content strategy and execute it with best results.

  • Content Plan
  • Content Development

Online Creative Solutions

Creating Content:

  • Career websites
  • E-mail campaigns
  • Banner campaigns
  • E-newsletters
  • Podcasts
  • Blog posts
  • Videos/testimonials
  • Audios (Anthem/theme songs)
  • Intranet communication solutions
  • Mobile apps
  • Gamification
  • Employee advocacy
  • Curating Content:
  • Thought leadership/Industry news (Employee blogs/posts)
  • Talent brand (Job post links)
  • Company/Product news (Links to news articles)
  • Promotion (Event landing pages)
  • Fun (Images)

Offline Creative Solutions

  • Newspaper/magazine recruitment ads
  • Collaterals (Posters, banners, standees, ambient ideas)
  • Audio visuals
  • Newsletters
  • Campus activities
  • Career fairs
  • Trade shows
  • Exhibitions
  • Induction/ Engagement/ Retention programs
  • Welcome packs
  • Training workshops Gamification
  • Employee referral solutions
  • Company events

Any recommendations would be meaningless if they are not routed in a deep understanding of your business and communication imperatives, organizational people strategy, goals and objectives, current EVP perceptions/ employee insights, channel strategies and effectiveness.

Content is rubbish if it is not engaging and relevant. Creating the right content requires a planned approach to achieve results expected. Continuous refreshing and high responsiveness makes our communication a live stream that is always relevant, never fatigues and keeps our audiences locked into our messaging. Driving the narrative in the professional sphere also requires ownership and curation.

  • Content Plan - Define goals, audience and build a content calendar (variety and volume)
  • Content Development - Creating and Curating Content
    • Creating: Campaigns, Blog posts, videos, infographics, slide share presentations……..
    • Curating:
      • Thought leadership/Industry News (employee blogs/posts)
      • Talent Brand (job post links)
      • Company/ Product News (news articles links)
      • Event Promotion (event landing page links
      • Fun (images)

Digital strategy and solutions will be integrated to the overall employer branding plan through specific leveraging of opportunities that exist in the digital ecosystem. These include, but are not restricted to the following areas:

  • Employee Intranet Solutions
  • Career Websites
  • Social Media Strategy & Management
  • Social Employee Advocacy
  • Reputation Management
  • Blogs
  • Mobile Apps and Gamification

Internal communication, will be disregarded unless its engaging. It forms one of the key areas of Employer Branding solutions. We will manage a number of activities towards this including but not limited to:

  • EVP Development and Rollout
  • Induction/Engagement/Retention Programmes
  • Training Workshops
  • Employee Referral Solutions
  • Company Events
  • Audio Visuals

The paradigm of brand building in the marketplace is applicable for Employer Branding in all respects and Activation is a significant dimension for implementation. Both conceptual and executional responsibilities are our strength areas.

  • Campus Activities
  • Career Fairs
  • Trade Shows
  • Exhibitions
  • Sponsorships

Our digital focus is not at the expense of traditional offline channels as we often find a requirement here too. We have all the skill sets to identify and provide necessary and effective solutions in this area as well.

  • Recruitment Ads
  • Newsletters
  • Collaterals